My name is Liesbeth Philippaers, aka This Girl.

I am a self-taught artist who makes paintings and objects in resin with acrylics. From a young age I was busy with all kind of color combinations, probably still unconsciously, but it had to be right in my head.
My parents let me go to art school as a child, but It felt like I was an outsider because I was very energetic and didn’t have the patience to draw what I thought was a perfect drawing.

A realistic drawing style didn’t appeal to me, so I thought creating art wasn’t for me at all?  When I was faced with a bore- and burnout in adulthood because I went to such lengths to follow the “normal” path within society, I felt that I had to change track.
At that moment I started experimenting with a brush, acrylic paint and a cloth. At first I painted abstract landscapes, but soon I had the feeling that I wanted to make more expressive art. Something that suited my personality: energetic, colorful and warm.

This is how my current art style originated. I now make paintings and objects in synthetic resin with arcylics, sometimes in combination with other materials. They are real color bombs. Typical techniques for my work are: drip art, fluid art, spray art and dip art